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Your Host, Stéphane Jutras

Stéphane Jutras is a divorced dad and podcaster based in Montréal, Canada.

The Divorced Dad Diaries is a podcast about my journey through separation and divorce.  It will hopefully help reflect on different topics that we, men, don’t always like or want to talk about! 

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June 16 2020

Episode 7 - Interview with my daughter

For the first time on The Divorced Dad Diaries, I am interviewing a very special guest, who means the world to me!  She’ll give her perspective on how she felt through this challenging journey, and hopefully help answer some questions we have!

June 02 2020

Episode 6 - The Kids are Alright

In this latest episode, we talk about the kids.  Did they see any of this coming?  How did they react?   Also, we discuss an interesting article from Scientific American about Kids and Divorce, and finally, should we stay for the kids?

Oct 29 2019

Episode 1 - Who, What and Why?

We’re kicking off the official Episode 1 of The Divorced Dad Diaries!  It will be an introduction to the new DDD, and we’ll be discussing about who I am, what is this podcast about, and why, oh why, Divorced Dad Diaries?