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Episode 14 - So Thankful

Episode 14 -
So Thankful

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all!

In this episode, I talk about the good things about separation and divorce (and yes, there are!) and all I am thankful for in my life.

Through all the pain and negativity, what are you thankful for?

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Stay safe!


October 1st 2020

Episode 13 -
Mars and Venus

In this episode, I talk about the differences and some stereotypes that exists when we talk about divorced men and women.

Are men still from Mars and women from Venus?





June 16 2020

Episode 12 -
Interview with my son

After having my daughter on the show, and being one of the most popular episode, I also invited my son to come on and share is perspective.

He’s been living with me full time now for about 2 years, and he shares with us some of thoughts and reasons why… and why not! We also talk about how it is seen by others living with his dad full time. 



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Your Host, Stéphane Jutras

Stéphane Jutras is a divorced dad and podcaster based in Montréal, Canada.

The Divorced Dad Diaries is a podcast about my journey through separation and divorce.  It will hopefully help reflect on different topics that we, men, don’t always like or want to talk about!