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June 16 2020

Episode 12 -
Interview with my son

After having my daughter on the show, and being one of the most popular episode, I also invited my son to come on and share is perspective.

He’s been living with me full time now for about 2 years, and he shares with us some of thoughts and reasons why… and why not! We also talk about how it is seen by others living with his dad full time. 


September 5th 2020

Episode 11 -
Interview with
Peter Maestrey

In this episode, I have the pleasure to talk to Peter Maestrey, host of the new podcast Divorce – The First Six Months.  

Peter is a divorced man with no children who believes that within every loss we have the ability to gain. 

He was kind enough to come on the show to have a chat and also share his story as a divorced man, and how his journey made him a better person after all.



September 22nd 2020

Episode 10 -
Money For Nothing

In this episode, I finally talk about a very common and often very hot topic – Money.  How to manage it, how to spend it, how to save some…  It’s all about what I have learned and wish I had known!

About this show

Your Host, Stéphane Jutras

Stéphane Jutras is a divorced dad and podcaster based in Montréal, Canada.

The Divorced Dad Diaries is a podcast about my journey through separation and divorce.  It will hopefully help reflect on different topics that we, men, don’t always like or want to talk about!